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Boobs And Viagra
From FrontPage Magazine:
Do you think pedophiles should be given purchase cialis at taxpayers' expense? Despite what appears to be an absurd question, that is exactly what occurred in Britain under their National Health Service (NHS).
Reports surfaced last week that a pedophile who had abused an 11-year-old girl had been spared jail, yet was continuing to receive cheap cialis, courtesy of the British taxpayer. On Aug. 23, the London Sunday Times reported that the NHS has spent more than $2.5 million during the "past five years on sex-change operations for transsexuals."Earlier this year, it was revealed that the NHS paid $6,000 for breast implants for a 17-year-old girl "because she was jealous of school pals' bigger busts," which caused her to be moody. Susie Squire of the British Taxpayers Alliance, reacting to these outrages said, "The NHS is struggling to provide basic and lifesaving surgery. Cancer drugs should always come above [breast enhancement]."
The misuse of taxpayer money that Ms. Squire and her colleagues have identified is a direct result of British government officials having the power to decide what medical procedures will and will not be allowed under the NHS.
If the United States creates a government-run health system, either as a monopoly single-payer system like Canada's or one that allows people to acquire medical care outside the government's system (provided they pay for both the government system and whatever private alternative they select), it is a safe bet the same types of abuses and problems that plague Britain and Canada will occur.
The reason is simple: There will only be limited funds available for the government-run health care system, and thus individuals employed by the government will decide who gets what and when. Some of the decisions will be wise; others will be foolish, wasteful, or just plain daffy -- because humans who spend other people's money don't tend to be all that careful.
Unlike most other goods, there is an insatiable demand for health care, particularly as people age. Any government trying to provide "free" health care for all its citizens for whatever they deemed to be a health problem would soon be bankrupt. To avoid bankruptcy, all governments ration health care -- by price, queuing or by form of treatment. Many members of Congress and the president -- after first admitting it -- now deny some form of rationing will be necessary. President Obama earlier suggested limiting forms of treatment, particularly to the elderly -- as is done under Medicare.


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